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4-day Color Design Course & Online Color Image Training

Two ways to get more color in your world!

A constant challenge for people who are interested in learning more about color, whether it be for personal or professional use (or just the sheer enjoyment of it all), is where to go to find meaningful, thoughtful and most of all, credible information.

I know of my own frustrations when I was seeking color training and information. There was such a lack in this field, for professionals, those seeking a profession in color, as well as for those who simply wanted to enhance what they already knew (or felt) about color. That is why I decided to fill in that obvious gap.

I am hoping for those of you seeking to further your color education, no matter where you live in the world, you will join us in your color quests. If you are a color lover (and you would have to be!) I am sure you will find our training programs to be a giant confidence booster, either in validating some of what your instincts tell you are true, or by giving you additional insights that you had not realized before.

4-day Color Design Course

Next Course: Online course COMING SOON, our next in-person course to be announced.


Online Color Training Program

International color expert, Leatrice Eiseman, will show you how to achieve personal fashion style through the colors that will energize your wardrobe, cosmetics and hair, flatter your face and figure (or physique), make shopping easy and add a creative element to your look.


Color Training Questions

We try to answer all the basics here, and feel free to reach out with more questions!

Whether you are a professional in a color-related field and looking for advancement, a color consultant who wants to grow a business, or a color enthusiast who wants to be inspired, we give you the tools to expand your thinking about color.  Many of our students are designers–graphic, interior, fashion, product, industrial, and more.  Many of the industries we work with–marketing, advertising, arts and entertainment, and retail, to name a few–can benefit from your expanded color knowledge.  Paired with the More Alive With Color image training, this course affords you the label of full-service color expert.

The More Alive With Color online training is a self-paced training that employs the ColorClock® theory–a universal, flexible, and relatable theory that can enhance an existing business or lead to the formation of a fulfilling career.  Our students are makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists, wedding planners, personal shoppers, and those who wish to understand their own personal colors.  Along with completion of the 4-day Color/Design course, you could call yourself a full-service color expert.

The More Alive With Color training can be taken anytime, at your own pace, and even in jammies!  And your individual password allows you to refresh your knowledge at any time as you gain experience in the field.

The 4-day Color/Design course is offered at least once a year, usually in July on Bainbridge Island in Washington.  Additionally, it may be offered at another time and/or place during the year, and when you add your name to our email list, we will keep you informed about all our course offerings.

Yes, students who take both trainings will receive $400 off their second training

Well, that is up to you!  We give you the tools to spread your wings, but the motivation, initiative, and hard work it takes is all yours.  We are always here to support you in your color business and professional growth, and to answer your color career-related questions.

Our Color/Design course is registered with the Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC) for credits for interior designers.

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“I was so thrilled to take your class, as it really taught me how to see colour in a different way, in fact the only way I can describe it – I will never look at colour the same way again.”

Arlene Olson • Saskatchewan , Canada

“I was definitely blessed by the opportunity of meeting you in person and to participate in one of your courses. For a passionate person for colors as myself, I really gained more knowledge and understanding by an expert of great influence – you. The course was well prepared, illustrated, right to the point, practical and the lecture was down to earth. There is definitely more productive learning with an instructor who is current in the marketplace and has influenced many segments of the society. The inspiration and refreshed trends that I got from the training produced improvements and real results at my work as a designer….thank you, Lee, for all you have done to raise the bar on the education of color.”

Diana Scates • Orlando, FL
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