My many years as a colorist lead me to the conclusion that there was a need for a more all encompassing and comprehensive system that included not only the atheistic of personal coloring, but color preference as well. This includes the emotions surrounding color and color choices. The Color Clock© system is less about rules, and more about color guidelines and creativity.

Everything in nature, including color, works on a time clock. We associate certain shadings, tints, values, and intensities with specific times of day, so it makes sense to organize colors in a way that represents morning, noon, and evening. This is a universal concept which can be understood and utilized internationally. As we all experience the changing light of sunrise, sunlight, and sunset throughout the day. Also included you will discover a category of colors referred to as the “Crossover Colors”. These colors are able to be included within all the Colortime Palettes.

Learn how to accurately identify the colors which will work best for an individual’s personal coloring. At the completion of this training you will receive a certificate from Leatrice Eiseman and have the necessary knowledge to become a successful image consultant. While a personal image consulting is generally used within the beauty industry by hairstylists or cosmeticians, the theories learned in training can be translated into other visually based fields such as: graphic design, interior design, product design, and so many more!

We are proud to announce that the Colortime© Image Training is now avalible in English and Spanish!

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We have partnered with Zohra Bena, owner of  ZB Image Consulting (Madrid, Spain) to be the exclusive partner for the universal Color Clock© Image Training in the Spanish speaking market.