The Sunset color palette fan

My many years as a colorist lead me to the conclusion that there was a need for a more all encompassing and comprehensive system that included not only the atheistic of personal coloring, but color preference as well. This includes the emotions surrounding color and color choices. The Color Clock© system is less about rules, and more about color guidelines and creativity.

Everything in nature, including color, works on a time clock. We associate certain shadings, tints, values, and intensities with specific times of day, so it makes sense to organize colors in a way that represents morning, noon, and evening. This is a universal concept which can be understood and utilized internationally. As we all experience the changing light of sunrise, sunlight, and sunset throughout the day. Also included you will discover a category of colors referred to as the “Crossover Colors”. These colors are able to be included within all the Colortime Palettes.

Learn how to accurately identify the colors which will work best for an individual’s personal coloring. At the completion of this training you will receive a certificate from Leatrice Eiseman and have the necessary knowledge to become a successful image consultant. While a personal image consulting is generally used within the beauty industry by hairstylists or cosmeticians, the theories learned in training can be translated into other visually based fields such as: graphic design, interior design, product design, and so many more!

We are proud to announce that the Colortime© Image Training is now available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese!

We have partnered with Zohra Bena, owner of  ZB Image Consulting (Madrid, Spain) to be the exclusive partner for the universal Color Clock© Image Training in the Spanish speaking market.

We have partnered with Blanca Lliahnne, authorized Pantone Partner (Brazil), to be the exclusive partner for the universal Color Clock© Image Training in the Portuguese speaking market.

Colortime® Image Training Questions

We try to answer all the basics here, and feel free to reach out with more questions!

The More Alive With Color online training is a self-paced training that employs the ColorClock® theory–a universal, flexible, and relatable theory that can enhance an existing business or lead to the formation of a fulfilling career.  Our students are makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists, wedding planners, personal shoppers, and those who wish to understand their own personal colors.  Along with completion of the 4-day Color/Design course, you could call yourself a full-service color expert.

The More Alive With Color training can be taken anytime, at your own pace, and even in jammies!  And your individual password allows you to refresh your knowledge at any time as you gain experience in the field.

The 4-day Color/Design course is offered at least once a year, usually in July on Bainbridge Island in Washington.  Additionally, it may be offered at another time and/or place during the year, and when you add your name to our email list, we will keep you informed about all our course offerings.

  • Learning a new and credible color concept
  • Validation of your own personal innate sense of color
  • Ability to work with people and help them make the best color choices
  • Helping to build confidence in esteem in your client fulfilling to both your clients and in yourself
  • Provides an additional service or is a beginning to a completely new business endeavor
  • Obviously, one of the most important rewards is financial and guidelines for a fee structure are included in the training program

Well, that is up to you!  We give you the tools to spread your wings, but the motivation, initiative, and hard work it takes is all yours.  We are always here to support you in your color business and professional growth, and to answer your color career-related questions.

Our Color/Design course is registered with the Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC) for credits for interior designers.

It may be conducted in your client’s home, in a space that you provide,  or a mutually agreed upon location. What is crucial is that the area selected be well-lit, in either natural light or inexpensive full spectrum lights available at big box, hardware or lighting stores.

  • Lighting– a well-lit space with either natural lighting or full spectrum lights. Lights may be placed in a permanent fixture set in the wall or ceiling or in free standing lamps that will be trained on the subject’s face.
  • More Alive With Color by Leatrice Eiseman (provided in your starter kit)
  • More Alive With Color fanguide (provided in your starter kit)
  • Seating/Tables– comfortable, straight-backed chairs with a table surface for taking notes and/or placement of a free standing mirror will be needed.
  • Freestanding Mirror
  • One  gray drape– a neutral gray cloth drape should be placed under the client’s neck and over both shoulders to cover the colors they are wearing. This will serve as the best background color to the fanguide throughout the process of indicating their best colors and Colortime.
“Connoisseurs around the world view Leatrice Eiseman as the pre-eminent expert in her field of color psychology. For years, Pantone has relied on her color knowledge and input for development of our products. I strongly recommend her book, The Pantone® Guide to Communicating with Color, to anyone interested in the most effective use of color and color combinations for maximum impact in the marketplace.”
Lawrence Herbert, President and CEO • Pantone® Inc.
“When Leatherman was faced with choosing color for its products, they called the best, Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute and oft-described “color guru”. Utilizing Eiseman’s research on how color influences human thought processes, emotions and physical reactions, Leatherman settled on five colors, each based on its specific appeal to the type of person who would need a specific tool.

Thank you so much for your contributions on this project. We were all pleased with your professionalism and appreciate your continued support of Leatherman.”

Tim Leatherman, President • Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.