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Master color theory courses by Leatrice Eiseman

We are so excited to be able to offer you these robust courses.

  • They are our most comprehensive programs in color selection and expertise, updated with additional sources and research.
  • Each self-paced online course offers in-depth color training, self-check quizzes, and the chance to ask Lee questions.

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Colors in Nature- Using the Color Clock© System in Determining Colors for a Wedding

Utilizing Colortime and Crossover Colors in Interior Design

“I am working at Sayer Lack Mexican with Wood Coatings, in Tijuan, Mexico. I am selling industrial wood coatings and color knowledge helped me a lot. I am so grateful to have been your student. I learned a lot and I teach my fellows about color, too. Hugs!”

Mauricio Carlos Poli • Sayerlack

“I highly recommend Leatrice Eiseman’s Color and Design Master Course to all artists, designers, color professionals, and anyone wishing to expand their working knowledge of color. The virtual format of this class has been especially helpful for revisiting sections as many times as needed and for accessing the information in the future. It’s a plus that the course is self-guided as to fit into your schedule when it works best. The proposed exercises allow you to immediately apply the material in a fun and interactive way. Look no further than this course for a deep dive into color, applications, and palette building from the best in the industry. ”

Jessica Andersen • Artist & Designer

“Words simply cannot express what I learned in your Color/Design master course. I know that the increased knowledge will help me expand my business into a very lucrative area because the program enhanced my color knowledge. Thank you so much for your help and willingness to share information.”

Shirley Webb

“When I decided to take your course, I hoped that it would enable me to move my business in different directions. But I had no idea that I would have the added bonus of access to such a very generous, supportive and encouraging teacher, mentor and now friend. So many thanks.”

White Flint design

“I just wanted to say thanks for all that you shared with me. I can honestly say it has changed my career direction.”

Liz Westergreen

“Thank you for an amazing course. The information that you provided answered all of the questions that were hindering me from moving forward.”

Melissa Moss

“Thank you is an inadequate phrase for how grateful I am to have been a part of this educational course. I can’t wait to go back through and re-read all of the informative material you gave us and incorporate it into my ”knowledge bank.” I do hope we can stay in touch and I do appreciate your offer to be available for assistance if I should ever really need it. I consider it an honor to have studied under your guidance.”

Carole Kellogg

“The program went beyond my expectations—and that is saying something! This was a wonderful course.”

Olivia Andrews

“Thank you is just not enough. I have gotten so much more from your class than any other color training I’ve taken.”

Frances Marsh

About Leatrice Eiseman: International Color Guru

Lee Eiseman is a color specialist, author, educator, and speaker. She has used her extensive knowledge of color and her training in psychology to help companies make the best color choices for product development, brand imaging, interior/exterior design, fashion, and cosmetics, and more. Lee is also involved in color trend forecasting across multiple industries, including choosing the Pantone® Color of the Year.

She heads the Eiseman Center for Color Information and Training and is also executive director of the Pantone® Color Institute. Lee has been widely quoted in many publications and recognized by Fortune Magazine and the Wall St. Journal as one of the most influential people in the world of color. She is the author of ten books on color.

She is also a sought-after speaker for trade shows, schools, and webinars, on color trends, the psychology of color and its usage, her Colortime© Personal Image system, and consumer color preferences.

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