March 21, 2011

I like the idea of wearing interesting color combinations. I feel inspired by some of these combinations that Refinery29 suggests so I thought I would take it a little further and give some guidelines for those of you who want to make these looks work for you.

Let’s break it down by Colortime®.

Royal Blue and Crimson

Royal Blue or *Navy Blue 19-3832 is a Crossover color that is flattering to all skin tones.

The Sunrise and Sunlight Colortimes® could skew the Crimson red to a *True Red 19-1664 for a flattering coloration while keeping the jacket and accessories as suggested in this image.

The Sunset Colortime® can go ahead with this duo. The dress as featured here appears to be on the red/orange side of things which is very flattering to the Sunset Colortime. *Think Fiesta 17-1564.

Burnt Orange and Khaki

Khaki or *Bleached Sand 13-1008 is another Crossover color and can be worn by all of the Colortimes®.

The Sunrise Colortime® is not the best coloring for Burnt Orange. As long as the Burnt Orange is not right next to the face this look will be fine. I might also suggest you could add a patterned scarf mixing the two and wear that closer to the face.

The Sunlight Colortime® can pull this off if the Burnt Orange is closer to *Burlwood 17-1516.

Sunset Colortime® can wear this combination confidently. Try finding the dress in *Cranberry 17-1545 or the one pictured here can work too.

Orange and Fuchsia

Sunrise Colortime® might want to make a smaller statement with these two colors in the form of shoes or accessories.

Sunlight Colortime® could combine *Peach Parfait 14-1219 and *Desert Rose 17-1927 to create a similar effect but in more flattering hues to your skin tone.

It’s as if these colors were designed just for Sunset Colortime®.

Pink and Caribbean Green

Sunrise Colortime® can wear this combination with complete confidence.

Sunlight can pull this combination off if the colors shift to more pastel shades like *Powder Pink 14-1511 and *Fair Green 15-6316.

*Sunkist Coral 17-1736 and *Bright Chartreuse 14-0445 are a better hue for you Sunsets.

Red Orange and Yolk Yellow

I recommend this combination for the Sunset Colortime®.

If the Sunrise and Sunlight Colortimes® would like to wear this combo it may be best not worn next to the face. Try a neutral top and mixing the two on the bottom with tights and shoes along with the skirt.

Oxblood and Cornflower

The Oxblood is a Crossover like *Eggplant 19-2311.

This combination is stunning! I love this look for the Sunrise especially with the Cornflower blue top next to the face. Try Little Boy *Blue 16-4132 or *Bonnie Blue 16-4134.

Sunlight is the match with *Cornflower Blue 16-4031.

Sunset should find a blue like *Della Robbia Blue 16-4020.

*Pantone colors found in More Alive With Color fanguide.

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