We are still sorting through our 1,271 images gathered at and around Salone del Mobile in Milan last month. It is a huge furnishings show held annually at Fiera, a complex containing more than 20 adjoining football field-size halls. In addition, the Brera design district in the heart of Milan and a host of locations around the city mount fabulous exhibits.

There is a lot of walking and schlepping around involved, so naturally, the first and most important consideration for attendance at the show is the selection of shoes we will wear! We have learned to opt for comfort because of the 15,000 steps as recorded on my assistant Melissa’s Fit Bit.

2-Show shoes 2

It can be slow going navigating through the thousands of people attending the show from all over the world.

Crowds Salone-del-Mobile-Why-You-Should-Attend-iSaloni-2017

We are always looking for evidence of Pantone’s Color of the Year, and this year’s color, Greenery, was in evidence—many show participants got the memo, not only in product, but also in design of exhibit spaces.

Green drawer

Green inlaid flooring

We saw many variations on the shade that captured the essence of the color family.

Greenery chair in window

Greenery ceiling

Palm lamp

Il verdi door

Stack green pillows

Green chair

We begin our walking and photographing in the Satellite, the area where new designers show what prove to be very innovative usages of technology, materials, and, of course, color. There is a fresh sense of fun and adventure coming from students and budding entrepreneurs. Here are some favorites that caught our eye.

Marble plaid table

Bow back chair

Music lamps.jpg

Music lamp guy

Yarn poofs

Orange green ruby poof.jpg

After the Satellite, we walk through each hall taking photos that we feel show interesting and intriguing products and settings.  We are especially en pointe for new presentations of color and color combinations.  Here is a taste of what we saw.

Painted cabinet

Monnisseiur wall w art

Woman painting chair

It’s always a thrill to return to Milan for this fabulous show.

Ciao for now!