January 28, 2011

Today I dedicate this post to the men in our lives. Often we women are talking about what colors we should be wearing or how we can look our best and I wondered if the men felt left out. In the event that they do feel left out, I offer up this little gem for the man who wants to make a statement with his wardrobe.

The Hollywood Reporter gives the man some tips on How to Dress The Part White Collar.

“From his fedora to footwear choices, Neal Caffrey-the dashing con atist-turned-FBI consultant on the USA Network drama White Collar-can probably claim the mantle of best-dressed man on television. “Neal’s look is Rat Pack-meets-Harry Belafonte-meets Thomas Crown with a little bit of Alain Delon in Le Samourai,” says the show’s star, Matt Bomer. In the series, Neal is rarely seen in anything but impeccably tailored suits (John Varvatos and Simon Spurr are favorites) with slim-fit, French cuff dress shirts. Sharp men’s accessories including bold-patterened ties with sterling tie bars, pocket squares and cuff links refine his style…”

“The focus is classic pieces with unexpected pairings like a textured pink shirt with a lavender tie.”

Do you want to know how you can recreate Neal’s look?

1. Find a reputable tailer. “A good tailer can make a $150 suit look like $1000, but a $1000 suit that isn’t properly tailored can look like it only cost you $150.”

2. Invest in the basics. “Every guy should own a couple of sharp dress shirts in simple colors like white and blue that are versatile.”

3. Suit up. “You need black, navy and, for those warmer-eather moments, maybe gray or a light-tan suit.”

4. Remember that the accessories make the man. “Your cuff links, ties and tie bars should reflect your character.”

For those of you men out there who prefer to make more of an impact and who may think outside of the box, consider adding a flashy jacket to finish your ensemble.

Coats of Many Colors (for Men) – WSJ.com.