We recently graduated 23 students from our Color Design Class that I teach near Seattle on Bainbridge Island, Washington, where we live and work. We want to share some highlights and reflections from the four-day class with you.

CD July 2017 group 1

There were attendees from all over the U.S and Canada, a lovely lady from Pakistan and eight students from Seoul accompanied by their teacher who had taken the Color Design program three years ago and wanted to share the experience with some of her students and colleagues. This was the second year that she returned with a group. It’s really wonderful to have diverse and global perspectives represented in the class.

The program is taught at our local art museum, affectionately called BIMA (aka Bainbridge Island Museum of Art), a repository of some of the best work of Northwest artists. The museum is on the main street of the island, conveniently located near restaurants, shops and within easy walking distance of the water and the ferry terminal. Its lush, colorful grounds and interiors make for the perfect setting for our class.


The attendees get to immerse themselves, not only in the color experience, but also in the beautiful scenery, gardens, island activities and most of all, the perfect natural lighting for viewing colors!

Lee teaching 5

One of the highlights of the class is the group projects. Each group is given a creative challenge and they work together to come up with a product, color palette, color names and a rationale for their choices– and then they present them to the class. It’s fun and interactive — and very educational!

Coastal Drive 2

Mystery 1 board


Another highlight is the Saturday night party I host at my home. We work hard during our four days together and this is an opportunity to celebrate and have fun together!

Party at Lees house with Korean students

Below attendees are checking out my office – where the color magic happens!

Lees office

As in years past, the group really gelled and we had a lot of fun together. Oftentimes, classmates keep in touch (which is especially easy these days with social media) and sometimes even end up working together in the future. Genuinely unique bonds are formed during this intensive class.

Fun class 3 July 2017

We so enjoyed the experience that we are going to repeat it for a winter program in early 2018. Stay tuned for further notice of the dates and location. Please visit www.LeatriceEiseman.com more information about the class.

If you would like to receive an email when we announce our winter class dates and location, please email leiseman@colorexpert.com.