July 5, 2011

Rolando Barrera traveled from Mexico two years ago to participate in our Color/Design program here on Bainbridge Island. He had an interest in learning more about the psychology of color, effective color combinations and how the use of color could have a positive influence on his customers when they visited his beautiful kitchen-centered showroom.

He sent us some wonderful examples of how his showroom has depicted both mood and style with the artful use of color.

Rolando told us that the concept for choosing the colors was to use some “cheerful” and “delicious” colors like tomato, lime and citrus.  But he also integrated “our Mother Earth” by using warm browns and grays. In particular, he felt that the use of teak and a pristine white depicted “heaven and earth”.

His goal, in his own words: “The ideas of the colors of this showroom is to immerse our customers and visitors in different ambients of color and see which kitchen they like the most”.  He feels that “happiness” is a main component and that “color really sells”.

We respond to these handsome images and shared thoughts with a big Bravo to Rolando!