As promised in my previous blog, “Colorful Colleagues” we will continue to share stories of past students from our past course, including my Colortime Image Online Training and my Color & Design Master Course (both online and in-person).

We love hearing from previous students! They keep us abreast of their activities from a vast array of industries, including fashion, cosmetics, graphics, interiors, floral, industrial, textile and set design. They are stylists and stagers, architects, and animators. They are in marketing, publishing, and advertising. They are artists, photographers, craftspeople, consultants, students, educators, retailers, and therapists!  It’s quite a large list because so many industries utilize color in various ways.

If you are a former attendee of our training, please let us hear how color continues to impact your life and career!

Following are three success stories.  Enjoy!!

Rami Kim: Color Expert and EducatorPhoto of color consultant Rami Kim

Rami Kim and I met when I did a keynote presentation for Noroo Paints in Seoul Korea. She approached me after my talk and told me she had started a school for color in Seoul and wanted to expand her knowledge base.  Her education and experience began with textile and dyeing, but she ultimately expanded her career into many other aspects of color usage.  She completed her training in our Color and Design program in the U.S. in 2014 and has returned several times with students from her school who wanted to complete our training in preparation for their own careers in color. In 2018, Rami completed her online training with us in our Colortime Personal Image training as well. This upcoming November she will come back to Tucson with another group of students for our next in-person class in color and design!

Rami and students in South Korea

Lee and Rami featured in a South Korean magazine

She has won many awards for her work and we are delighted with Rami’s success in becoming one of the most sought-after color experts in South Korea.

Bridget Frizzie: Interior and Event Designer, CCO at-large of Kehoe Designs 

Headshot of color expert Bridget Frizee, a student of Leatrice Eiseman

Bridget Frizzie is a former student who has attained much success as CCO at-large of Kehoe Designs based in Chicago. She has a varied background in many creative industries, including beauty, visual merchandising, floral and event design, and now hospitality design.

In Bridget’s own words: “When someone asks me how I got started in my creative career I always say that I would not have a career like this if it wasn’t for understanding color and its many complexities. I would not have been this successful if I hadn’t had a comprehensive color education at the Eiseman Center for Color Information. Those courses and advanced sessions were the building blocks that elevated my creative career. I think I would fly all over the world to listen to Lee speak to this day!  She has always been a consistent mentor, and teacher, and is a dear friend now. Becoming a certified color consultant opens so many doors because every industry needs experts in this field. For me, visually communicating a concept or direction starts with the human-centric relationship with color. There is so much more to it, however, but Lee’s courses include all the nuances you need to be forward-thinking.”

Alla Vita Interior, by Kehoe Designs

The Pearl Club (here and above), by Kehoe Designs

Bridget shares that her purpose is: “inspire curiosity with creative insight, color knowledge, and future intelligence to live a beautiful life”.  A worthy goal! 

Barbara Gallagher: Designer, Color Consultant and Fashion Entrepreneur

Headshot of color consultant Barbara Gallagher, student of Leatice EisemantBarbara and I first met when she became a Colortime Image Consultant by taking my course. Upon completion of her coursework with the Eiseman Color Institute, Barbara’s exceptional color education and never-ending interest in product design and development led her to create a line of draping scarves correlating with the Colortime system founded by Leatrice Eiseman.  Measuring approximately 12” wide and 50” long, these beautiful draping scarves are a wonderful visual tool to demonstrate the most effective Colortime for a client.  They can be wrapped around the shoulders for a full view of the colors so the client can absorb how they look and feel in the recommended palette. Spiritual Silks, this silk scarf line, combines art and magnificent fabric to evoke the power of healing.

Colorful silk scarves for use with Leatrice Eiseman's Colortime Personal Image Consulting

MAWC Colortime™ scarves

“Working with Leatrice has strengthened my awareness of the power of color and the effects it has on all parts of our lives. I have learned to dial up or dial down color depending on where I am, how I feel, and what I want to express” says Barbara.  Today, Barbara also uses her exceptional color education in her one-on-one custom color consultations, speaking presentations, and commercial office design. 

It has truly been an honor to teach (and, I hope, inspire!) these amazing and accomplished women. I simply cannot wait to see who I get to meet next.

Leatrice Eiseman is a professional color specialist who is often called the international color guru. Her color expertise is recognized worldwide, in particular as executive director of the Pantone® Color Institute. Lee is the author of ten books on color, and has been widely quoted in many publications and recognized by Fortune Magazine and the Wall St. Journal as one of the most influential people in the world of color. Today, she is available as a corporate color consultant and keynote speaker. She also offers online courses on color theory and personal image color training for people around the world who are interested in learning more about how color affects them and the world around us.