February 14, 2011
We just got back from a wonderful week in Burbank, CA where I conducted my most recent 4-Day Color/Design class. As always, there were many kindred spirits in color and the class bonded quickly. One of the attendees, Alicia Keshishian, has been an art director, graphic designer, surface designer and illustrator but still she wanted to hone her skills in color consulting. In addition, she currently produces a line of custom hand-made-to-order carpets.

Coming from a long line of gifted and influential carpet designers, carpets have been part of her life as long as she can remember.  As she puts it “the smell of the wool, the touch of the fibers, the variety of patterns. It all feels like home to me. Rugs are an ideal medium for creating an intimate piece of art. I custom design each piece so that it reflects my client’s sense of style and beauty.  The process is collaborative as I work directly with clients or their designer/architect to create a distinctive, personal carpet. We start by deciding on colors and patterns, then apply the design to the size and shape of the space.”

“It’s been increasingly clear to me that people respond to color before anything else. It’s truly visceral.  Clients are unable to navigate into any new territory, be it pattern or style, if the colors aren’t resonating. I believe colors are very personal and they transcend current fashion trends or peer pressure! I think it’s important, as a color consultant, to extend that confidence to my clients so they can live in the comfort of their own dreams.”

So well put and so true.
Alicia was so excited by what she learned in class that she decided to enroll in the online training as well so that she could become a “full service” color consultant and expand her services.