June 13, 2011

As the summer draws closer and you begin to compile your summer reading lists (if you haven’t done so already) we would like to recommend that you add “Radioactive: Marie & Pierre Curie: A Tale of Love and Fallout.” This book has made our reading list because it has an incredibly accomplished woman for the main character whose story is told through the haunting images rendered in cyanotype (photographic printing process that creates a cyan-blue print).

Radioactive’s author Lauren Rediness “rendered her poetic artwork in an early-20th-century image printing process called cyanotype, critical to the discovery of both X-rays and radioactivity itself…” 

Dwight Garner of the New York Times writes “The word ‘luminous’ is a critic’s cliché, to be avoided at all costs, but it fits Ms. Redniss’ book pretty snugly. This is a story with a hefty half-life.”

Radioactive: Marie Curie’s Story Told in Cyanotype | Brain Pickings.