November 2, 2011

I was asked to speak at a conference on the color Red. I think you might enjoy this event— there are quite a few speakers each bringing their own perspective to the color. In my presentation Keith Recker and I will be sharing excerpts and images of the color RED throughout the 20th Century from the new book Pantone® The 20th Century in Color. I hope to see you there.

From Dior to Valentino, from Yves Saint Laurent to Lanvin, red is an expression of joy, of jubilation, of passion. In the hands of others it is—among many other things—the color of authority, of courage, and of liturgy. It is also a pre-eminent color of body ornament: red lipstick and nail polish are never out of style.

The 13th Annual New York Fashion Conference, RED, will explore the innumerable facets of this color without peer. We will consider the history of this color, and that of the materials from which it has been derived, as well as its symbolism, both as a color in and of itself and integral to patterns such as paisley and tartan. Vintage is a lens through we study this vibrant hue and the important roles it has played at all times and in all cultures; we trace these roles as well as their evolution over time. Not least, we explore the legacies of Diana Vreeland and others, for whom red was not just a color, but a signature.

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