January 27, 2012

These designers were so inspired by Tangerine Tango that they decided to create a lamp around the color– then decided to produce a video inspired by the name of the color and the art of the dance.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Bj1oI6uTIE&w=560&h=315]
LightArt by 3form came to life when Ryan Grey Smith and Ahna Holder were commissioned to design an 11 foot chandelier. Ryan knew the sheer scale of the piece demanded an innovative approach.

Armed with a pile of sketches and standard home improvement tools, Ryan set about to create a whole new design concept. Ryan set the oven to preheat, donned a pair of oven mitts, and turned his kitchen into an artistic laboratory. The chandelier quickly came to life as Ryan heat formed pieces of translucent Varia Ecoresin to make them malleable.

The concept that drove LightArt into existence is one of endless creative solutions. This spirit of innovation and passion for excellence drives everything that happens at LightArt. For artisans and designers alike, the excitement lies in pushing the envelope on every custom piece – using a bold array of colors and endless shape possibilities.

“With discerning expertise in architecture, sculpture, color and lighting, we specialize in understanding the vision for a space and use the art of light to accentuate the desired aesthetic.” – Ryan Smith, Co-founder.

As a full service studio, LightArt strives to achieve the most appropriate solution to meet the needs of any lighting challenge.

“From concept to completion, each LightArt piece is manufactured by hand in our Seattle studio. Our team of local artisans work directly with designers to create the most appropriate and compelling solutions for a space.”