January 19, 2012

In my book Color: Messages and Meanings, I discuss color families and the messages they are sending. In color studies white is described as pure and pristine. As in the utter quiet of falling show, white expresses silence and the almost total lack of sound. It is a conciliatory color which is why the following study of the Milky Way is so fascinating.

In the article from BBCnews.com, Jeffrey Newman of the University of Pittsburgh elaborates on the importance of color to astronomers.

Astronomers have discovered that it is called the Milky Way for a reason. The actual color is white. Specifically a white “like spring snow at an hour after sunrise or before sunset.”

Jeffrey Newman states that; “For astronomers, one of the most important parameters is actually the colour of the galaxy.”

It isn’t just important to astronomers, it is important to color lovers too!

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BBC News – Astronomers weigh in on Milky Way’s true colours.