March 7, 2011

One of Lee’s former students, Sherry Ways, has written an insightful article about Color Misconceptions as part of March’s Color Therapy Month.

Here is an excerpt from the article.

“…the color black to me represents stability and elegance. To someone else, it represents death. To some countries it represents purity, its what their brides wear on their wedding days. So, if you were to place the three of us in a room with everything being black, I would come out of the room feeling very stable and elegant. The person who sees death would be depressed and upset and the person to whom that color represents purity will feel wholesome and good. Now, we were all in the same room. We all three saw the same things. But we all three had different perceptions about the color black and thus very different experiences in that room.”

How do you feel after having been in a black room?

Kreative Koncepts: Celebrating National Color Therapy Month.