February 7, 2011

Event Solutions
Color My World
What event designers need to know about the power of color.

“Experienced event planners know that color is one of the most powerful tools intheir toolbox for evoking emotions and communicating messages. Color can calm rattled nerves, excite, provoke or titillate. It can suggest contemplation, connect us to the earth or convey strength and authority.”

“She [Lee] advises planners to give careful thought to what kind of mood they want to achieve, based on the purpose of the event. Do you want to stimulate your attendees or reassure them? Do you want to convey excitement or intimacy? Once you understand this, use these simple guidelines to create a color palette.”

RED. “Red’s more aggressive traits have to be handled judiciously so that the attendee is not overwhelmed or antagonized by its demanding presence…”

BRIGHT PINKS “capture some of the same essence as a bright red. Bright pinks radiate with high energy, and are youthful and sensual.”

ORANGE “…adds zest to the visual flavor and is friendlier and more approachable than red, and is a great favorite of children.”

YELLOW “sparkles with heat, vitality, energy and light. It also suggests intellectual energy, curiosity and the need for enlightenment. Use yellow as an attention-getter.”

BROWN “contains a rich mosaic of meanings. It is the color most identified with earth and is perceived as unpretentious and non-threatening.”

“If you want your attendees to be contemplative, consider using a shade of BLUE.”

GREEN “…can be refreshing and restoring, or convey newness, youth and growth.”

PURPLE “…skew the shade either to the warm red side, or the cool blue side so that the message is more obvious.”

“Don’t forget that WHITE and BLACK remain some of the most popular choices for events, from weddings to gala balls. It’s elegant and upscale, stylish and modern.”

“Never say never to a color combination.”

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