February 9, 2011

This morning on the Today Show Michelle Obama sat down with Matt Lauer to answer a few questions. One of Michelle’s responses struck a cord with us here at Eiseman and Associates.

Matt asked Michelle “Is he [Barack Obama] vain about his appearance?”

Michelle responds with “Oh, no. Not at all, gosh, not at all. I wish he would focus more on a different color suit, a new shirt. Shasha and Malia and I cheer when he puts on a bright-colored shirt.”

A bright-colored shirt you say? Sounds like a case for color lovers to solve or at least suggest.

So, let me ask you what color of suit or bight-colored shirt would you like to see the President wear? If you really want to challenge yourself try to pick a color that is in his Colortime® based on the picture below.

We know that it is an arduous task to try to figure out a persons colors based on an online image or photograph.
There are no wrong answers here.

Click below to watch the interview with Michelle Obama.