March 25, 2011

As color enthusiasts we couldn’t help but be delighted to hear about the Festival of Colours. Hindu followers announce spring by throwing brightly colored pigments onto one another in celebration.

March 19th was the day for India’s Holi or Spring Festival. “Holi marks the end of the winter gloom and rejoices in the bloom of the spring time. It is the best time and season to celebrate; Holi provides this opportunity and people take every advantage of it.”

“Days before Holi, the markets get flooded with the colours of every hues. This aptly sets the mood of the people till the actual day of Holi. It is such a colourful and joyous sight to watch huge piles of bright red, magenta, pink, green and blue every where on the streets. Buying those colours seems as you are bringing joys and colour to your home and into your life.”

Hindu devotees play with colored powders – The Spring Festival of Colors.