Let’s get to know some former students—and their careers in color!

Of the many “hats” that I have worn while working in the field of color, one of my favorite hats is that of teaching color theory to others. The attendees in our classes have come from a vast variety of fields and industries—among them fashion and cosmetics, product development, interiors and exterior design, architects, graphic and industrial design, animators, and educators. They are a wide array of ages, from young students to retirees, and have varying interests and jobs, some with long-time careers that involve color, others just starting or making career changes. Some are color consultants or designers, others are in marketing, advertising, publishing, or retail. And then there are those who want to learn more about color simply because it brings them joy: color is their passion!

What they all share is the recognition that we never stop learning about color; those who take the training are motivated to continue to expand their knowledge base. I titled this blog “Colorful Colleagues” as one of the meanings of the word “colleague” is “those explicitly united in a common purpose, with respect for each other’s abilities to work toward that purpose”.

From a personal standpoint, one of the most enjoyable parts of teaching is the bond that is forged between the student and myself, as well as among the students. We continue to hear from many of them years after.  Some produce videos, interviews, or podcasts that show what they are involved in, and I wanted to share some of the most recent. In upcoming blogs, I  will share more color-filled stories and experiences.

Annette Bond: Color ConsultantColor consultant Annette Bond wears a hot pink shirt against a white background, Definitive Style by Annette Bond

Let’s start with Annette Bond. We first met in Spokane, Washington, when she was a sales associate for “The Bon”, as it was affectionally called in those days.  She went on to a very successful career in cosmetics and client consultations. This helped her develop confidence in styling, which has evolved into her becoming a Personal Style Expert. She continues to use our Colortime™ concepts in her consulting practice. You can get to know Annette’s approach to color consulting in this video.

 Lauren Battistini: Chief Color Strategist, LFB Color Consulting

Color strategist Lauren Battistini wears a turquoise top and holds a little white dog in front of palm treesAnother talented person  I would like to highlight is Lauren Battistini, from Houston, Texas.  Lauren’s colorful pathway has led her to a career putting together color palettes for interiors, exteriors, and branding, as well as numerous other colorful projects. Her title, Chief Color Strategist, defines her role in the color world. Her love of travel and studying other cultures has also spawned a podcast highlighting what she has discovered traveling the globe.  Her color and design quest has also unleashed her innate talent for creating art, and she often coordinates the hues and moods she discovers during her travels. You can see an example of her color podcast, including a conversation with me, in this video.

Susan Ishida: Creative Director, Trendspot and Animator

Susan Ishida, Creative Director of Trendspot, wears a mauve feather collar and black shirt. In front of a white backgroundSusan Ishida has had some interesting career twists, although color has always played a crucial part. She was an award-winning film animator who changed her profession to the Creative Director of Trendspot. Based in southern California, she now travels all over the world sourcing products, often overseeing the design and color choices for various companies including the “big-box” stores. We met in Chicago where I do my yearly keynote address at the Inspired Home Show and she came up to me and said, “I am going to take your color/design training, wherever and whenever!”—and she did.  This video gives some colorful insights into Susan’s film animation background

It has truly been an honor to teach (and, I hope, inspire!) these amazing and accomplished women. I simply cannot wait to see who I get to meet next.

Leatrice Eiseman is a professional color specialist who is often called the international color guru. Her color expertise is recognized worldwide, in particular as executive director of the Pantone® Color Institute. Lee is the author of ten books on color, and has been widely quoted in many publications and recognized by Fortune Magazine and the Wall St. Journal as one of the most influential people in the world of color. Today, she is available as a corporate color consultant and keynote speaker. She also offers online courses on color theory and personal image color training for people around the world who are interested in learning more about how color affects them and the world around us.