November 5, 2010

One of our favorite sites to follow is The site features as you may have guessed is art and all things interesting that are white, black and red. On Lee’s recent trip to Paris she found some lovely housewares that are white, black and red that we would like to share.

When it isn’t just black and white.

How about a little sugar cube?

Subconscious stimulation…sleep on that.

If this has wet your whistle please stop by for more


I am not sure who makes two of the lovely items shown above. If you know please share.

November 1, 2010

One of the few places I have never traveled to, but is definitely on my list now, is Curacao. It’s been called the “Treasure of the Caribbean” and some recent phtotos in the American Airlines Magazine “American Way” shows it as a very colorful place indeed. As if the turquoise waters lapping up on an isolated beach were not enough, my eyes were riveted by the colors on the exterior of the buildings.

With the cool weather coming upon us, Curacao looks very tempting. But if you can’t join us there (whenever that might be) perhaps you would like a respite in California at the end of January. We will be going back to Burbank for the second year now to do the three and a half day Color/Design class. We do manage to have some fun, but we are there primarily to learn, observe, participate in and absorb the ever-fascinating subject of color in its many applications.