Recently I was in Palm Springs and was escorted to Joshua Tree National Park. This was my first visit to the park and I was completely in awe. It was like walking around in prehistoric time, so much so that I was sure the Flintstones would appear at any moment. It was really magical.

These pictures are a few of my favorites from that trip. I couldn’t resist creating a color palette based on the Cholla Cactus. It was natures perfect ombre.

There is no joke about the needles on these cactus. I was walking around them and a cluster of the needles had fallen off and onto my shoe and it poked me through the shoe! I recommend these be enjoyed from afar.

The other images are from some of the various rock outcroppings that are all through the park. It was truly stunning.

My favorite was Skull Rock.

Can you see the resemblance?