What an appropriate name for such a happy collection of dinnerware.  Whenever I see the vibrant colors gracing a table (including my own) it brings a smile. And with the big range of colors offered, there is ample opportunity to mix but not necessarily match.  When I set my own table, I constantly mix colors to come up with new combos, including the flatware.

Several years ago, I met Judi Noble at the International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago, where I do two keynote color presentations every year. She is the head designer for the Homer Laughlin Co, the manufacturers of the line, based in Newell, West Virginia.  A very colorful and fun lady herself, Judi and I became friends.  She ultimately took one of my color/design classes and I got to know her even better.

Judi introduced me to Wally Haugen, a dedicated collector of the line.  I asked Wally to send some images as I was interested in seeing how he arranged his collection.  I also asked him to write to me about his passion for collecting the line and in his own words:

As a retired land surveyor, my life of collecting was focused on sports memorabilia and baseball cards.  How my collector interest changed to colorful pottery is still an unknown.  I collect Homer Laughlin Fiesta pottery, and I love it.

As an avid collector since 2013, I specialize in rare pottery and special editions in the Fiesta line with an eye for the varied and beautiful colors.  As I display the Fiesta my thoughts can focus to the theme, decal, unique piece or color.  My initial display was a nod to the decal or color family.  However, as my collection expanded, I rearranged by displays to unique pieces in multiple colors or by decals.  For example, my Fiesta dancing lady cookie jars are arranged in rainbow color order which is a preferred presentation by Fiesta collectors.  

With an ever-expanding collection, more display furniture was necessary.  My rare two-cup teapot collection is displayed in a lighted cabinet with top shelf billing for the two-cup tea pots.  My display focuses with the bright Fiesta colors to the front with the darker colors to the back.  I found the two-cup pieces bring me joy nestled together.  Achieving a feeling of joy is what every collector seeks, and I find great pleasure in seeing my beautiful color collection grow.


Wally Haugen