Recently, we had the pleasure of visiting the offices of Patricia Nugent Design in Seattle. Just a pond jump from our home of Bainbridge Island. This is a mecca-like textile trip which I have been doing for years after meeting Pat at a Fashion Group event in Seattle. We had an immediate connection and a friendship was forged during that initial meeting which continues to grace my life.

I turned to Pat for some help in identifying and providing me with some of her fabulous period textiles and wallpaper so that they could be photographed for one of my books. As always, she was generous with her time and expertise.

For example, Pat explained that these beautiful roses have Art Deco influences along with several other forms of modern art such as Cubism and Futurism. The pattern is French, Circa 1922. It was printed in the Alsace Region where so many mills were throughout the history French textiles until that industry was disrupted by WWII. They are simple and bold in a way that would not look out of place in a traditional folk costume or as a stand alone work of art in a more modern setting.

Pat offers antique and vintage art on paper and textiles. She is encyclopedia in her knowledge of textiles specializing in archive dates from 1790 to 1970, with themes that are modern and appealing. Seasonal designs include Winter Holiday, Easter, Fourth of July and Americana. Conversational include birds and butterflies, critters, fruit, coastal and nautical, and wildlife. Pat and all her knowledge will be be at Printsource, New York, January 29th and 30th

Her website is:

Instagram for inspiration and information: @Patricia_nugent_design