In my presentation last week to the iArtist Make-Up Show Forum, (a group of professional make-up artists that meet in various locations), I explained my color concept called the Color Clock. It is based on information in my book More Alive with Color, as well as my online training program, primarily meant for people interested in becoming image consultants, make-up artists, stylists — or anyone interested in color for personal use.

One of the topics I explained is “Crossover Colors.” Because these colors occur most frequently in nature, your eye is accustomed to seeing them in combination with many other colors. I like to call them Mother Nature’s favorite background colors.
The inclusion of some (but not all) of these very important colors for the wardrobe and for cosmetic palettes is included in the presentations on personal image. Here are some of examples.
First, there are the neutrals, the colors of sand and stone, such as taupes, beiges, and grays, and let’s not forget the greens, as they are Mother Nature’s most ubiquitous colors.
And as men in particular know, (and certainly women as well), navy has a professional look that qualifies it as a dependable and basic Crossover.

Just as night always follows day, black is the inevitable shade. Its protective cover brings both strength and power. Jet Black is the quintessential basic color, offering a sophisticated backdrop to all other colors.

Black is a Crossover color that adds confidence, elegance and empowerment. Some people may say, “I can’t use black because it is too harsh.”  My answer to that is that black is not only a classic in our wardrobes…
Carolina Herrera
…but is a staple in our makeup kits—especially for travel.  We use it for the basics.

Add another color from the Crossovers as an accent, such as Teal, a universally flattering hue.

Or eggplant (aubergine in French), a classic in fashion and cosmetics.

To see examples of all of the Crossover Colors, you can purchase a signed copy of my book More Alive with Color here.
To learn more about my online training, which you can do at your own pace from any location, please go here.