Is blue truly the best color for decorating the bedroom?

The reason why blue is often recommended for a bedroom is that many shades of blue speak of serenity, quietude, and tranquility—the peaceful suggestions that prepare us for a restful night of sleep. All shades of blue, however, do not deliver the same message. As in every color family, there are varying tonalities based on the value and intensity of the specific shade.

Various light, mid, and deep blues are especially calming, such as the Pantone® Fashion Home + Interiors:

  • Sky Blue—the color of the sky on a clear summer day
  • Deep Ultramarine—the color of silent ocean depths
  • Cerulean—the color that depicts infinity
  • Soothing Sea—the clean, pure greenish blues of a tropical sea
  • Heather—the pacifying lavender blues





The electric blues imply anything but serenity.  Pantone color "Dazzling Blue"Just as the name implies, they send an energetic bolt of lightning across a turbulent horizon. They are a jolt of color and a wake-up call.

Within all of the blues,Pantone color Very Peri the periwinkle shades are the happiest as they lean far toward the purple-red side of the family.  As a result, they are the most expansive and expressive. At first glance, they might seem to have a somewhat calming effect, but bubbling beneath the blue is the irrepressible and mischievous undercurrent of red.

If blue is not your favorite color, the blue-greens, such as Celadon or Sea Foam will create similarly calming moods.  Another option is a cool, quieting lavender, such as Hushed Violet or a decidedly grayed cast like Lavender Aura.

Sweet Dreams!

Pantone color CeladonPantone color Sea FoamPantone color Hushed VioletPantone color "Lavender Aura"